an inspiration

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an inspiration

I originally created a web site in 2008 so that others could find easy accessible information regarding dogs that had suffered from a condition called “Bilateral Carpal Hyperextension”, including the injury, the operation, the recovery, the emotions, etc.

I have since decided, after my beloved boy Baxter passed away on the 1st Sept 2010, that I should expand the web site to include my love of dogs, his life story and the new dog in my life, Romani.

I thank, respect & have great love for the following people in my life that have helped me through the tough times;

Mum, Dad & Wild Dog

My parents allowed me to keep the dog that my late Husband & I re-homed, Wild Dog allowed me to understand the dog I was left with & so much more.

I owe you all so much, because you have all made me the person I am & where I am today.


Along the way I have met many lovely dogs, but none as special as those that Baxter introduced me too !!!

Updated: 28 June 2013

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